Pop Culture Shop

Check out our wide range of pop culture products and board games in store now! We’ve got a vast selection of Harry Potter gifts and accessories to fulfil your dream of becoming a wizard! Our range of pins, badges, and stickers will mean you can customise anything you’d like to show off your favourite Marvel heroes, Tarantino films, Rick & Morty characters, and many many more! We’ve also got wide choice of board and card games for all ages. So what are you waiting for? Pop in and have a look!

If you’re stuck for ideas, or can’t make it to our shop in person but still want to give that special someone a gift from us – a gift voucher might just be perfect for you. We have a range of options to spend the card on, from board games, wands, or even the Escape Rooms! A great way to buy for that person who is best making the decision themselves. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all!

Discover Stickerland!

Don’t let the innuendo fool you, we have completely redesigned our old Billiards room to showcase our brand new custom sticker table! This backlit beauty will have you discovering stickers for days, alongside irresistible promos that will have you filling sticker bags in no time.

This room showcases a wide variety of our adult and 18+ games and pop culture products, as well as new arrivals such as our Tin Posters and Lava Lamps!

We stock crowd favourites such as:
– The Cards Against Humanity franchise
– Boganology and their expansions
– What do you Meme
– Incoherent
– 5 Second Rule
And so much more!